Procedure Text How to Write a Novel

This English text sample is a series of procedure text how to write. Referring to the definition of procedure text, there are 3 elements should be considered when writing a procedure text in English. They are:
1. Goal: What goal the writer want to achieve from writing it
2. Material: What things need to do the instruction
3. Steps: What procedure to follow to complete the things well

The 3 elements above then is called generic structure. However, not all procedure text is written strictly through that generic structure. If some element is considered unimportant, then they can be omitted.

How to Write a Novel as Example of Procedure Text
A novel is long story. It is a good way to tell the story in detail but it is a big challenge to make the reader stay engaged to the last word. If you want to write a novel, here is how to do it.
1. Grasp the idea for your novel and choose your writing style
2. Draw the basic plot of how each chapter would be. Each chapter should has its own strength but connect to each other smoothly.
3. Decide whether you want to use prolog and/or epilog. Prolog supposes to be short but very powerful in building curiosity of the reader while epilog is short yet powerful to leave memory to reader.
4. Decide the characters and their personality
5. Start writing your novel based on the plot you made. You can change the plot in the middle of writing but make sure you not ruin the whole story. If you change the plot, you may need to change what you have written so far.
6. Maintain your focus and determination. If you get bored, take a bit rest and do something fun to bring your good mood back. Find back your willpower and write again.
7. Once you finish, read your novel, feel it, and find if any mistake on it. Fix your mistakes and read again until you find it perfect.

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