Procedure Text How to Write Letter Openings

Completing how to write novel, poetry, short story, and report, we again give you an example of procedure text how to write. It is the instruction on how to write letter openings easily.

How to Write Letter Openings as Procedure text Sample
Writing a letter can be difficult to do. We have to understand the purpose of the letter and attempting to convey with a polite tone. It is important to create a good opening because it is the first key to start a good letter.

First, we have to address the letter to the recipient. It is suggested to avoid generic salutations, such as Dear Madam or Dear Sir. For a more professional or formal letter, it is better to write the recipient’s last name and the appropriate prefix, such as “Dear Mrs. Jackson”. For a more casual letter, we can use the recipient’s first name.

Write the first paragraph consists of two or three sentences. For an informal letter, it is suggested to start with a general comment or inquiry such as “I hope that this letter finds you well”. For a more casual letter, it is good to talk about the topic right away. This paragraph must also explain about the reason why we write the letter.

Try to read the opening; we need to recognize the tone of the words. A letter must be written in a polite tone, so we need to change with other words if we find the impolite ones.

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