Procedure Text Example, How to Write a Report

A report is important document to prove your quality of work so you should write it properly. How to write it? What element should be included in your report? Below is the guidance to write a report:

How to Write a Report for Learning English Procedure Text
Before you write a report, you need to know the structure of the report you will write. Each organization has a certain report structure so you could not just write it as you wish. It would be nice if you can get a template so you can just follow it and fill the blank.

Check your data once more and ensure you have complete data required. Do not submit report with incomplete data unless you have appropriate explanation about it that you enclose it on your report.

After everything is complete, you can start to write your report following the structure properly.

Use formal language and pay attention to your grammar. If you have much grammatical error, it will show your lack of language skill that will reduce your overall quality.

f you use pictures, make sure you pick high quality pictures that could support your report. Blur and distorted picture could messes up your report.

Once you finish writing, check your report. Check the data and ensure you input it right. Check the structure and grammar. If you find any mistake, fix it. If only you find no mistake, then you can submit your report.

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