Procedure Text How to Write a Poem

Poetry is a very interesting form of writing. Different from any other form, poetry has few restrictions so can be great way to express your feeling. Simply we can say that anyone who can talk and write can write poetry. However, you need to practice to improve your skill.

Example of Procedure Text on How to Write a Poem Easily
1.    The first thing you need to write poetry is searching and finding for inspiration. It may come from any source at any time. That is why; you do not have to restrict yourself to find it because it may come from something you never expected.
2.    Second, is brainstorming. You need to write down everything that comes into your mind on a piece of paper. Do not think too much, just let your instinct work.

Consider about the form of the poetry and start to organize thoughts. You must know that poetry comes in various forms; you can try them all. The one that fits with your style will come naturally. For the beginning, you can try free verse where there are no restrictions, so you can express your feelings and styles freely.

Remember the meter and rhythm, which are very important in poetry. Rhythm refers to the sound while meter is the established pattern of the poem you created. Brings as many as you can descriptive words, build images using your own words, symbolism and metaphors are great way to realize it.

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