Procedure Text Example, How to Write a Short Story

Besides learning English procedure text how use, cook, make, clean, wear, and install, we also give an example of procedure text about how to write a short story.This instruction commands are labelled as a  procedure text how to write. The text below is  The text contains imperative sentences and declarative sentences.

This is a basic requirement to understand a procedure text well. All readers should be very familiar with imperative sentences and declarative sentences. Now let's see the following sample!

How to Write a Short Story as Example of Procedure Text
1.    Find interesting idea for the story.
2.    Make research so you can make the story logical.
3.    Write the basic story about what you want to tell.
4.    Find the protagonist as the center of the story that will drive the story forward. The protagonist could be single person or multi-person.
5.    Write the best first line as the opening of the story. The first line should be clear and inviting people to read more.
6.    Create a scene list as the guidance for you writing. When you make scene list, you may need to do another research if needed.
7.    Start your writing. You have different options to write the story. You can write it on from the beginning to the end and edit the story after you done writing. The other option is to edit as they go by writing it slowly and stop in the middle to edit the written part.
8.    After you finish writing, edit the story thoroughly. Using editor is recommended.
9.    Publish your story in the most comfortable way such as in the magazine or in your own social media.

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